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How long's it been since we posted an IM conversation? Too long, that's what we think. So here you go: a bit about yesterday's stuff, a bit more about the origins of FTMD, and some randomness regarding DC concerts. All completely lacking in proper punctuation or rhetorical style.

PTSD. Now with less useful content!

P: oy--fancy meeting up some time soon to talk network/systems blog paper?
E: ok. next week?
P: yes, am at uni monday, tuesday, thursday
» or can meet anywhere else anytime
E: k, will check and see. probably tuesday.
P: NOT going to wp thing again
E: why?
P: but am blogging about it
» and really, i'm (kind of) writing
E: well, yes. that's true
P: so don't need a thing that i can hear anytime
» am checking what the next one is on
E: good idea.
P: checking
» emailing you about doctor who though you are right here
E: ok. that's fine.
P: any news of your dad? is he ok?
E: no news. I'm assuming that someone would have called if there was a problem.
P: good point. it's still weird no one called though
» though you're right
» did you call them?
E: no, s's been on the phone. and they'd be asleep now.
P: Oh i see
» well, as you said, they'd have called if stuff was up
» I did nothing
» all evening
» bought a skirt
E: thought you were going to dupont to hang out?
P: thought about buying shoes (since i only have that flip flop now and Random Prof thinks it's horrifying I’m teaching in those)
» I hung out in dupont
» with myself though
» I just didin't want to go home/uni
E: hmm. I ended up at TUWSNBN (bc pouring rain) and then home. but you missed the car discussion about illegal downloading and fanvids.
P: Oh thank goodness
E: bc I should clearly not be allowed to converse w/o someone to tell me to shut up
P: well, I"m well pleased I missed that discussion
» Still checking
» for next week's gig
E: where's the website again?
P: i'm reading the PhD seminars
E: oh
P: nothing useful
» though might go to be the DIRE WARNING
» for one of them
» btw, did you know danish guy is actually 31 years old? Random Student asked me again so me, being rude, asked him
E: hm. you should get a nametag that says that
P: i thnk i will
» dire warning
» nothing on web site
E: 31? seriously?
P: yes
» told him he looked younger than my undergrads
E: well, there you go then.
P: and told Random Student (because i'm mean that way) he was 23
» [Title of Next Event]
E: he should know better, and so he's fair game for her.
P: but i lied!
E: really? I want to critique that.
P: do you?
» go for it
E: sounds like fun.
P: it's german cinema though i think
» and you can critique and be totally pretentious
» and i can laugh at you
E: so? modern or classic?
» should find out.
P: prob modern
E: that could be fun.
P: i'm out
» just let me know if yous go out afterwards
E: what's the html for the thing? (before you go)
P: since it'd be nice to go out afterwards
» for the website
» it's not on the website
» it was on the email [FTMD] sent
E: didn't get the email.
P: (he's [FTMD’s first name] now because he was rather funny today)
E: bastard.
» fwd it me?
P: k
E: thanks
P: go it?
E: he's [FTMD’s first name], but it's still Prof WeberMan?
P: got it, i mean?
» yes
» totally
E: hang on.
P: because [FTMD’s first name] is now cute and cuddly
» are you laughing?
» i feel as though you're laughing
E: not laughing
» snickering maybe.
no, s says it's laughing.
» so there you go.
P: hey s
E: he says hi
P: i am going to visit yous--it's been ages since i watched tv at yours
E: ok. we can watch twitch city.
P: bleh
E: it's about a guy who watches tv
P: let's watch this slings and arrows now
E: and also cats
P: watches cats?
» weird
E: cats who rule the world
» it's a plot
P: i'm off to blog about the thing today
» btw, mill went down v well
» after my 3 hour prep
E: can't watch S&A, bc K has the dvds. glad Mill was popular
P: oh i see
» bleh
» i feel we should do a joint blog post on what happened
» though i have things to say about this whole bloody ideal types crap
E: well, I have the avi files, but not the official dvds
P: and disciplinary boundaries
E: no, let's do dueling posts.
P: ah fantastic
» do i get to be [FTMD]?
» small and balding?
» are you laughing again?
E: bc I want to talk about language and the ideal typical fictional work (and why they were both talking total crap about literary analysis)
P: stop laughing!
» oh yes
E: s says it's more of a giggle this time.
P: that was my disciplinary boundary thing
» people who've never DONE the "humanities" think it's all wishy washy
» and all that
» stop giggling too!
» imagine me as [FTMD]
» and you as WeberMan
E: will stop. hey, this [Next Week’s Event] person sounds v cool.
P: i thought it was the chick who was there
E: was it? her work looks cool, I mean.
» all about women and media and queer studies and stuff
» but german, mostly.
P: oh i see
» bleh
» totally uninterested in all of those
» can't afford to waste more time
E: no, it should be good. the germans do some fucked up stuff.
P: and besides it was basically WeberMan’s cult there
» doesn't [FTMD] have his own cult?
E: and then they say "it's okay, we're german"
P: it'll be a WeberMan/TheoryGuy who
» show i mean
E: you can be in his cult. bc you think he's cuddly
P: (sheesh)
» true--i want to be in his cult now but i'm already in WeberMan’s
» and those are exclusive cults
» i feel
E: nah. defect.
» defect!
P: too late
E: it'd be like the sharks and the jets
P: no idea what you're on about
E: we could all sing a complicated musical number
» and then fight.
» like in West Side Story
P: we should just pick an argument and fight next time
» i see
E: (shakespeare again)
P: though i'm not going next week
E: bah. you should go. Random Student’s no fun to write notes to.
» he's got no sense of the absurd.
P: he has!
» well, write to your new mate TheoryGuy
E: shut up.
» can [FTMD]’s blog nickname be fluffy?
» The Fluffmeister?
P: why fluffy?
E: he needs a name.
» bc he's not.
P: but he's cute
» and cuddly
» and so into his boring empirics
E: you want to call him Cuddles?
P: when he could have shut them up with a mere read tilly
E: Existential Fluff?
P: nah
» what's bald and cuddly?
E: Fluff the reformer?
P: nah
E: I don't know anything bald and cuddly.
» is this the start to a joke?
P: just the reformer
» though that sounds like a WWE name
E: no. too bleh.
P: arthur
E: that's not a nickname.
» we can't just call him arthur.
P: big rabbit
E: that makes no sense!
P: ok
E: what was the name of the rabbit?
» the one that Jimmy Stewart saw?
P: smurf
E: it was not.
» Harvey!
» or something like that.
P: oh frank
» sorry that was donnie darko
E: yes. wrong rabbit.
» how about Oliver?
P: yes harvey
» why oliver?
E: (S&A weird gay ghost dude)
P: i think we should name him something from doctor who
E: very snarky, short and bald.
had incomprehensible convos with the lead character
P: nah
» no one would get it
» has to be something they'd get
E: why?
P: just because
» it'd be funnier
» don't want to call him oliver
E: let's be exclusionist
P: like fluffy better
» nah
» we're not exclusionist
E: El Fluffo
P: le fluffy
E: Fluff the Reformist Professor?
P: or, rather le flufee
E: Fluffernut?
P: fluffereen
E: Flufferini
P: hehe
E: The Great Flufferini!!
» no, Flufferini the Great.
» like a German imperial something or other
P: true
» but that'd be WeberMan
» did you know my knowledge of reformation was all based on blackadder up till today?
E: true.
» no, but I'm not surprised by that.
» you had one up on some of the people in the room, at least.
P: riiighttt--edmund and baldrick
» fluff
E: we could call him Baldrick.
P: fluff the magic dalek
» we could!!! baldrick
P: that'd SO piss him off
E: no, no--fluff the magic dalek
P: baldrick?
E: wait, it's kind of long.
P: true
» but prob needs to be explicated once
» are you sure?
E: well, yes. no, not sure.
» just want to call someone that.
P: let's call him that
» better than baldrick
E: yes.
P: baldrick shows no imagination
E: he'll be pissed, probably.
P: he won't read our blog
E: true.
P: or maybe not fluff then
» because he'll like the magic dalek part
E: something else the magic dalek?
P: though i like the fluff part
» and we already have no jobs
» or won't
E: hmm.
P: what could it be?
» fluff
E: am really interested in being discussant for next week.
P: tell him that
E: (am also thinking about fluff)
P: then you can do a WeberMan
» i mean, TheoryGuy
E: words that mean fluff...
» I don't want to do either of them, thanks.
P: i have to admit TheoryGuy bugs the hell out of me
» more and more
» another reason not to go to these things
E: the thing about Fluff is that it has all the porn stuff too
P: lol
» true
E: I find him entertaining, mostly.
P: piffle
E: like having a cat that pees on someone else's rug.
P: piffle
» the magic dalek
E: Piffle?
P: but it's not piffle
» it's good stuff
E: is that even a word?
P: goof
» yes!
» of course it is
E: pfft. I like Fluff better than that.
P: seriously, where do they get this from?
» read this
» Light down or fuzz, as on a young bird or on a dandelion or milkweed seed.
» definition of fluff
» wtf
E: a milkweed seed?
» that sucks.
P: what IS that
E: well, fluff, presumably.
P: To make fluffy: a squirrel fluffing out its tail.
E: *snerk*
P: v [FTMD's first name]-ish
E: Fluff the Magic Dalek is sounding better and better.
P: hehe
» though wait
» let's think of a diff word
E: soft and fuzzy, yet with the overarching goal of killing you all
P: and i'll go blog/do some writing
» true
» but it's just too fluffy
» magic dalek reformer
» nah
E: Fluff the Magic Dalek is really growing on me.
» what with being both terrifying and mostly imaginary.
P: but no relevance to what he does
E: also, with a built in plunger.
» so?
P: true
» btw, beautiful south is at the 9/30 club in november
E: what he does is boring.
P: if yous want to go
» hey
» shut it
E: really? what day?
P: he does useful stuff
» early nov
» before bnl
» (are yous going to bnl?)
E: probably at the same time my mom's supposed to be in town
P: i see
E: so I might take her.
P: would be great
E: she loves bnl
P: bnl? or bs?
» oh
» would be fun
» i kind of want to go but don't know their songs
» and am skint after v fest
E: I have all of their songs, if you want to hear them.
P: though v fest was worth every penny
E: haven't checked ticket prices yet.
P: i am planning on getting west wing early seasons off you
» now i have a dvd player
E: ok
P: (see? i have time for tv)
» while i'm waiting for new life on mars
» and still game
» anyway
» fluff?
» it's nearly 11--i want to go back ot reading tilly by midnight
E: Sure, why not. Fluff the Magic Dalek.
» there's always time for tv
P: heh
» not for me
» though i enjoyed musharraf on jon stewart
E: sure there is. yeah, it was a good one.
P: saw k earlier that day so was funny
» i still say ideal types are evaluative
» that's the whole purpose of them
» sheesh--am turning into FTMD
» i've got the short part down
E: maybe. maybe not. I don't see why they need to be so, though.
» why can't they just be?
» or not be?
P: they don't NEED to be anything
» sheesh--you're turning into me
E: like Hamlet.
P: (i reread my old comps)
E: why?
P: why what?
» be just be
E: why reread them?
P: for fun
» to see if i've evolved
E: um. okay.
P: and all that
» i thnk i've progressed backwards
» whatever the term for that is
» regressed
E: that's not good.
P: wait
» who's sibelius?
» my new thing
» [whomix site]
» i'm trying to decide between "if cybermen had rhythm"
E: dunno. I know it's a file type.
P: ah
» i thought it was a musician
E: could be that, too.
P: ah
» doctor who conducts an orchestra
» that's a better one
» though i would need something on daleks
» hmm
» diaboakelam
E: seriously?
» I think you need another fandom
P: lol
» why? i have football
» i can't spend time on this
E: that's not a fandom. it's like hockey.
P: this is just for the post title
» oh it's totally a fandom
» this tv thing is just weird
E: there's no creative aspect for it.
P: that's fine
» i'm not creative
E: call it Tastier Salvador's Closing.
P: so not diaboledalekam
» eh?
E: farther down the page.
P: i see it
» k
» off now
» to write
E: down towards Jesus built my TARDIS
P: found it !
E: which is the best title ever
P: hope it's not p0rn
» “I've gone back to that scary, rubbish bassline in my smelly bum bum theme, and I've tarted it up a bit. It's now a bit dirtier and powerful- I hope. I haven't gone for a 'full-length' version this time (Alas, my laziness reaches horrific levels), but instead I've got the opening and closing versions.”
» seriously
E: sounds kind of sketchy
P: i think i'll stick to jesus built my tardis instead
» how about that?
E: should work.
» guess I'll go find a title and write something up
P: yes
» we can both post
» yay
E: am going to try being productive tomorrow.
P: i work ALL day tomorrow
E: something new and different
P: i mean, work for cash
» not uni work
» hence need to de-stress by ogling neil gaiman
E: ah. have fun with that. personally, I think Neil Gaiman in a church is probably a recipe for disaster.


At 10/02/2006 2:46 PM, Blogger Bionic-Woman said...

I like the IM posts :-)

At 10/04/2006 12:31 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Well, good that someone does, since I'm apparently unable to come up with anything more substantive.

At 10/04/2006 1:14 AM, Blogger Priya said...

Why are you having this obsession with "substantive"? Are you buying into the whole typification of "academic bloggers should only write about politics and/or dissert their lives out of existence" philosophy that's floating around on my part of our paper? If so, ignore that and get on with writing whatever you want to.

At 10/04/2006 2:31 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

No, see, I meant "Substantive" as in "anything at all that wasn't just copied from somewhere else." It's the writing bit I'm having issues with. Not the content.


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