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Hmm. I'm hopped up on cold meds and not completely coherent. My powers of blogging entertainment are woozy and even less inclined to linear processing than the usual heights of non sequiter.

I'm afraid you'll be getting rather a lot of lists and useless asides this weekend, but hey, you can always go read something else if you feel the need for enlightenment.

God knows you'll never find anything enlightening around here.

Friday Not-Entirely-Random Eleven: The Multimedia Edition

A selection of files opened on my laptop in the past week:

1. “The Planet of the Cats,” Twitch City S2 (Robot humans controlled by cats, and the secret underground movement to overthrow them. What’s not to like?)
2. “Paris,” Gross and Keeley (Why was there no video for this? Oh, right, because there was a video for Voodoo, and now we have \o/. Fair enough.)
3. “Running Out of Ink,” Barenaked Ladies (They’re coming to town the week before Regional Conference. So is my mother. Maybe she’d like to go to a concert with me?)
4. Hard Core Logo, the Canadian commentary version (Could Hugh Dillon be any drunker? Maybe. But he’d probably pass out, and that would make the commentary track less fun.)
5. Third draft of the story which is due today but still stuck at 8,000 words and not really ready at all.
5a. A paragraph on feminisms, written out at the end of the story draft and then copied into an email.
6. “Out Here,” here’s luck (Peter Mulvey + dS angst = one of the best known vids in the fandom)
7. “Anchorless,” The Weakerthans (See? Life isn’t all about the Headstones. It's also about other Canadian bands, and Canadian television, and Canadian films, and Canadian theater festivals. And Canadian actors.)
8. For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (Sad, but with gratuitous violence.)
9. “Every Inch a King,” Slings & Arrows S3 (This is why Priya’s snarking about my love for all things PG will never amount to anything. This right here.)
10. “The Last Saskatchewan Pirates,” The Arrogant Worms (Part of Tuesday’s “All Pirates, All the Time” playlist, with almost three hours of swashbuckling goodness.)
11. Blogging model #5, AKA “The one that very nearly works.” Because I have, in fact, been working.

Also on the list for today? Grading and editing and a selection of music files for sharing in a later post. Three guesses as to which of these I work on next.


At 9/23/2006 1:17 AM, Blogger Priya said...

As a fellow PhD-er put it earlier this week: "omg! wtf!" (and, yes, me being me, I had to sit and think through to decipher those). I totally forgot about my paragraph and, really, am far too sleepy now to be able to do anything about it. In addition to being in someone else's house and getting ready to leave in a few hours' time.

Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. I can swear in the comments section, right?

At 9/29/2006 6:03 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Why not? I swear in the posts all the time. If people don't want to read it, fuck 'em.


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