(this is) my generation

or, rather, my parents'. Sadly enough, I grew up knowing lyrics to (some) The Who songs (Tommy playing "mean pinball" anyone?) so am fairly excited about my plans for this weekend. Yes, PTSD reader, this is momentous--it's going to see a band that my entire family knows of. It's almost like going to see the Beatles. You know, if they weren't half dead.

This talk of the Who is to inform you that E will (hopefully) keep yous company in the next few days as I give up on obsessing over my class* and start getting excited for the only bit of fun (not counting footy matches) I'm likely to have in the next year or so: this. There's a great lineup, including the Who (of course) and loads more. Tickets are now on sale for half of what they originally were so if any PTSD reader fancies joining the crowd, they should.

It's on Saturday. I'm headed there with a great bunch of folks (including some who are driving me there). I did sell my soul to the devil for the ticket but I'm assuming the devil is more like the Terry Pratchett version**and, hence, quite willing to appreciate an exchange of soul for good music and company.

I shall post on how the Festival went (and also write up the long-awaited ethnographic post) when I get back.

E, entertain the masses, please!

* Today's highlights: teaching students while wearing flip-flops after having thrown away my proper shoes for causing blisters. Oh, and telling the couple of kids who wanted to go home (instead of doing the in-class Q&A) that they could go home but that would count as an absent class and their class participation grade would suffer (thus ensuring they stayed).

** Yes, well, TP was talking of death, not the devil but don't quibble. One can only do so much on an off-the-cuff post.


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