all told it's a personal bias

Um, yes. GS, I put up a post liveblogging the Studio 60 premiere on my livejournal. Go read it, because I was about two seconds away from calling you and whimpering into the phone when Bradley Whitford put those glasses on.

Don't they know I have no free time and my internets are unpredictably broken?

You were going to push back those chapter deadlines anyway, right? So that you can watch every episode of this show at least 14 times? Please tell me you're on board for this. If I have to talk to just Priya about it, I'm going to strangle her.*

*No offense, P, but we both know you're a bit skeptical of the tv fan experience. And this is squee of biblical proportions. You'd just be bored.


At 9/19/2006 12:26 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Totally--I actually watched it and was (shut your ears now) quite quite bored and yearned for Life on Mars to come back.

The connection: Male-bonding but, oh so different (and not as much fun) in Studio 60.

At 9/19/2006 11:31 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

AAARGH! But, but, the Sorkin!

So glad you didn't mention this tonight. I might have thrown myself in front of a bus.

Well, no, probably not, because I knew that I could go home and start getting all the pretty S2 and S3 episodes of S&A to watch later this week. Plus, if I'm dead, I can't complain on the blog, and that's no fun.

And I should add that I'm actually a bit worried about the series as a whole. I thought it was great, but it wasn't the same level of greatness that he had in WW and Sports Night. If this is the pilot, I hope the first real episode with nothing but plot is better.

And that Amanda Peet learns not to drag out her lines. Her timing was good, but her delivery left a lot of space for improvement.


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