a good day for me is when the bottom don't fall out

Random bits of stuff:

1. Go read Effect Measure. It's about H5N1 and virulence. No, really, you should read it.

2. Talk Like a Pirate Day has rolled around once again. *insert something funny here*

3. 14K words of a poli sci / academia AU at 1am on a Tuesday? Sure, why not. I've got nothing better to read, right??

4. I need to know when Bravo is re-airing S60, because I suck at life. And at VCR usage.

5. What the hell is up with my email? Where is it going? Is it ever coming back? [ETA: Well, fuck. Found them. I think.]

6. I think I could pitch my nightstand and just keep my glasses on the giant piles of books waiting to be read. Since they seem to be there for all eternity.

7. At the moment, I can't remember why I wanted to schedule a meeting for this afternoon. I'm sure it will come to me before then. Well, reasonably sure, anyway.


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