Tommy, can you hear me?

Well, that was quite possibly the best time I've had all summer. Of course, it had little competition (review of summer: Fellowship application rejected , being fired, uncertainty about where to live, Liverpool playing as though they're still on holiday, slogging away at soul-destroying job because the rent has to be paid and, oh yes, writing commitments being unmet) but it was still perfectly marvellous.

The day was full of sunshine, no one threw up near me, I didn't get into any fights and it was all outdoors.

The highlights? Well, the Who, of course and their songs from Tommy as well as My Generation and I can See for Miles... and, the closing act.

A longer post, with information of how it all went follows. Oh, yes, right after the AnotherBigNameConferenceWhichEveryone'sForgottenbyNow's ethnographic panel post.

Back to teaching tomorrow--it's all about the Quant/Qual divide.


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