and on my way home...

I run into a former student on my way to my new home from TUWSNBN. I don't recognise him. The conversation goes like this:

Student: Hello Priya.
Me (who the bloody hell is this?): Hello! How are you?*
Him: Fine. Starting off Friday night partying as you see (he's carrying a large carton of beer)
Me: Great. Good. Have fun.
Him: I live just up here (points to apt building next to my new abode). What about you?
Me: Oh, I live nearby (Still attempting to remember who this is). Well, enjoy your Friday.
Him: Thanks. I had a good time in your class.
Me (yay, he's a student! I think I even remember his name): I'm glad to hear that, [name]**
Him: Have a good weekend.

It's a bit weird having a student, even a former one, live right next door.

* Like many people, I become effusively friendly when I have no idea who it is I'm talking to, especially when it's clear they know me.

** Nope, I was wrong. I called him the wrong name. He didn't correct me. I think I can't be blamed for not being corrected when I say the wrong name. I'd correct people who called me [not]Priya.

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At 9/10/2007 1:33 PM, Blogger Serena said...

i am surprised he didn't correct you...I would have.


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