Happy Turkey Day!

I won't bore you with a schedule for today (let's just say it involved a great deal of running around and smoke, plus my mother is losing her mind) but I did feel the need to put up a menu. So, Thanksgiving in the great midwest:

brined turkey (*so* much better than regular turkey, or the turkey jerky we used to have at the Big Family Event)
stuffing (from boxes, but doctored up to taste right)
mashed potatoes (my sister's favorite)
gravy (homemade, with no lumps)
sweet potatoes (with marshmallows, of course)
corn (no lima beans, because my dad doesn't believe in them, so it was just corn instead of succotash)
green bean casserole (35th anniversary, so of course we had to have it. Not that we wouldn't have made it anyway.)
more wine
cranberry relish (fresh cranberries and oranges)
cranberry gel (nasty stuff in a can. A waste of perfectly good cranberries, if you ask me.)
dinner rolls (parkerhouse this year, even though crescent rolls are traditional)
relish tray (olives, black olives, pickles, carrots, celery with cream cheese, celery with peanut butter)
apple pie
pumpkin pie (yay! And made by my sister, which made it even better.)
whipped cream

My mom lost her silverware, so we had to spend a half hour looking for it. That was fun.

After dinner, the Genius Nephew shot whipped cream across the room. My sister was not amused. Threats of returned Christmas gifts made their first appearance of the season.

And in addition, at the Big Family Event (the first one):
Waldorf salad (I've never really understood how this counts as a salad. It's a bit much, even for our neck of the woods)
cheese ball (with nuts)
cherry pie
apple pie
pumpkin pie
macaroni and cheese (the sort you wait all year for)

And my grandma handed out silverware to the grandkids to take home. Probably best not to ask.

And at the second Big Family Event:

spinach dip (S was eating the pumpernickel without any dip. We were forced to perform an intervention.)
crab dip (turns out to taste the same when you mix it together as it does when you spread it out on a plate.)
cheese ball (no nuts, because they make my brother's throat swell up and his face turn funny colors. Exciting, but not really festive.)
apple pie
potato chips

And my dad lost at euchre (see? I can spell it!) Or that was the rumor--none of us actually saw it. We were too busy complaining that someone brought Godiva chocolate instead of making buckeyes.

How anyone could think they're equivalent is beyond me.

Right, I'm off to try and sleep while regretting all that pie.


At 11/25/2005 4:11 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Have decided you probably put that up to make those of us, stuck in the blasted capital of the free world, far far away from family, drool. Damn you (but not literally in a "may you be smited/smote" type of way, of course)

At 11/29/2005 8:12 AM, Anonymous serena said...

so how was the class reunion?

At 12/01/2005 12:00 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

You could have come along. My mom would have set an extra place for you, and passed the wine bottle.


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