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E, as an experienced end-of-semester grader, has informed me that my grading skills will be improved by consumption of copious amounts of alcohol (let me tell yous though that I'm resisting).

In the meantime, there's a great discussion going on over at Crooked Timber about the "most embarrassing" books their readers read when younger.

Seems to me that I've read most of the "embarrassing books" listed and found a lot of them heaps of fun. Piers Anthony was crap but fun crap if one managed to slog through. Biggles provided many hours of entertainment as he and Algy and Ginger (sad, eh, when you even remember the names of sidekicks) flew around the world doing whatever it was they did (saving the world from those leftover Nazi types and postcolonial nasties) and I was especially fond of Enid Blyton's the Five Find-outers and wanted to be Fatty when I grew up. Some would say I managed that.

Louis L'Amour was another author whose books I read when younger. To this day, I have a strange fascination for the mythical American west of his stories where blokes randomly wandered about and there were bad guys performing evil deeds and women and children-waiting-to-be-rescued scattered about the place.


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