Holiday checklist

Mum and Dad: fine, despite this happening fairly close by. Why do nutters get to run around with guns? I'm blaming whoever it was that decided arming the military with newfangled weapons was a good idea. Until a few years ago, all they had was khukuris and bayonets.

Two grandparents (who live with parents, or vice versa): fine

A dog (who lives on his own in a little house with a new mattress he got for winter): fine but refusing to have his yearly vaccination (he bit the vet, apparently)

A sister (in Kiwiland and, therefore, enjoying the lovely sunny weather): fine

Another sister (soon to be in town but right now freezing various parts off in Northern USA): fine but whingeing about exams

A cousin (lucky enough to live in one of the nicest cities I've visited in the USA): fine

Various friends (scattered throughout): all fine. I guess all yous are concerned about is E and S (both okay-ish though I'll be able to determine empirically, in the Humean sense, this evening), Anomie (who fed me dinner last night, so fine as of then. Again, in the Humean sense), IntLaw (ditto as for E and S) and various other people who won't be empirically verified as being fine but I'm assuming, based on emails and letters, that they are.

I could go on about how the "fine-ness" or otherwise of these people has been verified/determined but that shall the subject of some other post.


At 12/19/2005 12:18 PM, Anonymous serena said...

now where is that cast?

At 12/19/2005 8:34 PM, Blogger Priya said...

I know. E is such a slacker :-)
Btw, I'm somehow accessing a wireless network at B and N. Love this! If I'd known this before, I'd have lugged my computer here ages ago.

At 12/20/2005 2:06 PM, Anonymous serena said...

lol the b&N where?

At 12/20/2005 10:26 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Bethesda. I'm not a slacker, I'm overextended.

Speaking of overextended, what are we going to do about Madison?


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