Because everyone needs a resolution...

I found a website that makes one up for me. Takes away all the hassle, and seems strangely appropriate.

That's it for this year--I'm off to spend a nice quiet New Year's Eve with S (our first one since we met. Usually we're out with family or friends, but we thought this might be a nice break) and then the rest of the weekend with friends. Which reminds me: Priya, did you want to come over and watch football tomorrow?

I probably won't be on the blog again until after the results of the OSU game on Monday, so who knows what kind of mood we'll start 2006 with? Just for luck, we'll stick with the football color theme until then.

Right, I promised a resolution. This is in addition to my efforts to spend less time shopping on the Levenger website, of course.

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

To be a bitch.

Get your resolution here

Via Russian Violets.


At 1/01/2006 11:32 PM, Blogger peter said...

woo hoo, buckeye football!

At 1/03/2006 12:01 PM, Anonymous serena said...

too funny... i think going out of my way to make others' lives miserable is much better...i have a few people in mind...lol

though i could just create more bad karma..NAH!

At 1/03/2006 12:50 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Saw football invite far too late but am too busy being a total fan (of the hockey song singing type) of ice hockey to bother much about other US sports anyway. Though, as seems usual with "my" teams, the local team is one that pisses you off more often than actually makes you want to support them. Typical.


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