Saturday randomness

This time, music. Because this *isn't* a Friday random ten, and because I love Gravity Kills beyond all reasonable estimations of their actual talent, you get eleven.*

1. Shoplifters Of The World Unite, The Smiths (I need to call Amy. Maybe this afternoon.)
2. Forever Young, The Pretenders (I think my parents are flying home today. This is one of my mom's favorite songs. This, and If I Had $1,000,000. She's much cooler than her midwestern-ness would imply.)
3. American Wake, Black 47 (Love, loss, and longing. One of my all-time favorite songs. Yes, I sing along.)
4. Naturaleza Muerta, Sarah Brightman (I think this is in Spanish, and so I ought to know what the hell she's singing. But it could be Italian. That would explain the confusion.)
5. See The Constellation, They Might Be Giants (Who doesn't enjoy a little TMBG on a Saturday morning?)
6. Smoke, Ben Folds Five (Poor Ben Folds. His life is so harsh. You can tell, because his music is emo.)
7. Tomorrow, Wendy, Concrete Blonde (Yes, I *really* need to call Amy. Thank you, iTunes, for reminding me again. I also ought to buy hair dye. This song is still all about the college goth memories.)
8. Superhuman, Gus Gus (The greatest band that nobody's ever heard of. Well, third greatest.)
9. El Distorto De Melodica, Everclear (Pretentious, yet peppy. Much like TFG.)
10. I Fought the Law, The Clash (There are no words. Worship The Clash!)
11. Forward, Gravity Kills (I've already mentioned my fanatical and irrational adoration of this band, right? Good.)

* Did I mention that I've got a new applescript for Adium? That lists the iTunes track that my computer is playing as my status message? I don't know why I'm so entertained by it, but I am. I keep asking Shannon to open his window so that I can watch the song change.

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