And that is why...

I don't like Italy.

Anyone watching the Italy-Australia match just now could not have missed the way the penalty was gained by the Italian bloke who dove over the Australian defender at the last minute of extra time. Oh, why did Lucas Neill have to fall over right then? Why? When he (and all of us watching) knew the Italians are good at getting penalties?* Australia missed Kewell and played too tentatively or else they'd have won. In any case, an amazingly good job and they would/should have won today.

Didn't think Australia losing would feel this bad but it does. I guess it's a good thing that Nepal will never make it in any sporting competition during my lifetime or else I'd be an utter wreck.

Off to drown my sorrows with coffee. I would like to promise some non-football blogging soon but since tomorrow's Ghana-Brazil and France-Spain, I wouldn't hold your breaths.

* All right, I'll probably delete this soon since PTSD is probably not the site for it but the Italians are a bunch of shameless diving cheats who fall over or try find people to fall over at the slightest waft of a breeze. And, all who talk of "oh, strong/better teams should go through" have not been watching them play. I'm far far more annoyed right now than I remember being in a long, long time (probably means I should get annoyed more often). If there were a punching bag (or a rifle range), I'd probably shoot a few things. Or break them. It's just so bloody annoying.


At 6/27/2006 1:05 PM, Anonymous serena said...

you better post something about the brazil-ghana game!

At 6/27/2006 7:31 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Bah. Nothing to post since I knew Brazil would win but it was just frustrating how Ghana could so easily have won if only they'd had good finishers. The main difference was finishing--Brazil took their chances (and were incredibly lucky with the two offside goals) and Ghana couldn't take theirs. They missed Essien, I thought, just like the Aussies yesterday missed Kewell.


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