Hiatus...or, where's E (part the Nth)?

Since I seem to be in total control of PTSD for the foreseeable future (and, yes, that will most likely mean a lot of footy-related posts, now that the Doctor's not on to keep a happy balance), I should probably point out that I've moved to a "No Internet Zone" for the next two weeks.

Two dogs, lovely house, rather odd yet quaint neighbourhood* but no 'net access. Not even any neighbours with wireless to nick on to.

* On my walk to the Metro station this morning, I passed a church which had its Sunday sermon topic listed as "Power in Weakness". I'm sure SuperN is chuckling away up (or down) somewhere.


At 8/07/2006 10:49 AM, Anonymous serena said...

wow, no internet must be the middle of nowhere...who will keep me entertained???


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