laugh in their faces*

Or, perhaps not.

All my obsessing from yesterday, about perhaps not being able to last through the next couple of weeks of cross-cultural training, just became redundant this morning as I was summarily dismissed from said job.

I did expect a dressing down and a discussion but definitely not a "farewell, employee. Please don't let the door hit you on your way out". But, then, no one expected the Spanish Inquisition either and look what happened there.

I've been thinking on this for the past few hours and have come to realise that it's all about changes. The me of a few years ago would never have spoken up in training, would not have contradicted the trainer and nor would I have critiqued training videos for having "an essentialist view of culture which gives rise to preconceptions on the part of (us) teachers". I'd have shut up, sat down, suffered through it all. And, hey, I'd have kept my job. I knew all this speaking up rubbish was seriously overrated and can only be afforded by people who can take the consequences.

On the plus side (which one has to look really really hard to find), this should theoretically give me more time for dissertating and I'm realising I have (completely undeserved since I never do anything) marvellous friends. Yes, money's scarcer now but, perhaps, I can also cut out a meal from my daily diet (who needs to eat 3 times a day, right?)?

So, there yous have it--I'm on the job market. If any PTSD reader is looking for a competent researcher, trained economist and an ESL teacher who can draw a mean pint of Guinness, email me, please.

I promise not to talk.

* This whole titling blog posts as names of songs thing is catching.


At 8/30/2006 4:46 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, for fuck's sake. This just isn't a good week, is it? K suggested shoe shopping, ice cream, and 80s/90s movies, and I think I agree with her.

New plan: instead of going out tomorrow night, I suggest drinking and dinner at my place. We've got to leave pretty early Friday morning anyway, so no need to combine the hangover with being tired, right?

Also, my beer is cheaper than bar beer.

At 8/30/2006 9:11 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

And I've been using song lyrics, not titles. Even I can't match a post to "Pretty Little Death Song."

Or, I probably could, but I'm not sure we want to be that kind of blog.


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