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It's that time of year again, folks. You'll find a link to the Flu Wiki as our Site of the Month, can expect to read rather more than usual about public health and IR around here as I finish up a paper for next month's Regional Conference, and to get you started I offer a list of links to other people and organizations talking, thinking, or doing something about pandemic influenza. These are heavily skewed toward the US, so I encourage you to wander of in search of non-US sources of information and debate.

The US Government's Pandemic Flu Site. Parts of it are good, more parts of it are bad, a few are sickly funny, and most of it is scary.

You can find links to the state pandemic preparedness plans and public health divisions here, as well as a recitation of the impact of the 1918 pandemic on American society.

Canada's equivalent to pandemicflu.gov. The glossary of terms is substantial and nicely cross-referenced.

The World Health Organization includes influenza under the heading of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response. The general information also includes a link to GOARN.

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at UMN offers updated information and a good selection of email updates and news headlines about public health and infectious disease. Their Pandemic Influenza index is a good place to start.

The CDC's Emerging Infectious Disease Journal is available online, and the Ahead of Print rss feed has recently begun featuring articles on influenza variations. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report also includes some of the most current pandemic research and information available.

Effect Measure
remains one of the best sources in the blogosphere for avian flu and pandemic flu news and analysis, along with policy debate and recent public health research. For more broad views on the hard sciences and society, click through to the other members of Science Blogs.

Stayin' Alive spends less time on influenza, pandemic or otherwise, than Effect Measure, but offers regular links to related blogs and information.

Critical Condition recently became an open forum blog, seeking submissions from interested participants in US public health. It's unclear whether the new format will succeed, but at the moment it's an experiment worth watching.

Wikipedia has a surprising number of useful links included in the relevant article. Unfortunately, nearly all their links to national information sources are for Avian Influenza, which is NOT the same thing as pandemic influenza. Feel free to go correct that oversight.


At 10/09/2006 5:44 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Now I've got that bloody awful Bee Gees song in my head. Damn you. If I die of flu, I'll come over to sing it at you before heading off to the big old grassland in the sky.

At 10/09/2006 5:47 PM, Blogger Priya said...

Btw, do you realise you get one week out of the entire 365 days and I get daily alerts on potential terrorist activities, including "threat levels"? Can I mention "social construction" here?

At 10/09/2006 5:50 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

You don't frighten me. And yes, I get jsut one week, but by god I'm going to make it count.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk about why it annoys me when people hear "Pandemic Influenza" and respond with "Oh, you mean bird flu."


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