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Yous thought I'd forgotten among the detours to local events and jingoistic nationalist trumpings, didn't you? Oh, how wrong you were. Part III of BNC musings...(again, avoiding actual "terrorism" panels since no one except me would probably care about those). Oh, and just some "highlights" this time around.

SecuritisationGuru actually (and repeatedly) invoking Waltz to defend his "theory". Not just once but many times. The closing off of argumentation by pointing out that a) Waltz does it, b) I interviewed Waltz and that's what he said, c) it's a theory, I'm not supposed to explain everything while not actually engaging with the critique was brilliant.

Disturbing, considering I thought the whole "speech acts" approach was a (semi) revolution against Waltz's neorealism and now they are calling upon the same types of arguments (and on neorealism) to defend their theory but brilliant. Am strongly tempted to be all pretentious and quote the French but will resist.

The argument about Welsh versus English versus Paris schools of security studies. Oh, and the continuing argument about the different strains of the Welsh school. Really?

Advocating Torchwood as a research source. Yes, it's a terrible show but it's entertaining and stylish and it's all about first contact as threatening and about a department of homeland security which deals with that.

A non-moosehead scholar pushing DecentredPostie to admit states remain necessary in the International System. Pretty revolutionary that.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Realising the world of "Critical IR scholarship" is actually a small world, after all.


At 3/15/2007 8:20 AM, Blogger Genealogy Spice said...

More on TRC? Color me curious.


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