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Yes, I know E tries to keep television stuff off PTSD but since she's away for a week or so, I get to take over.

Here're the Hugo Award nominees for this year. But, like me, I know yous are only interested in this*


1. Battlestar Galactica: "Downloaded" (Writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. Directed by Jeff Woolnough. NBC Universal/British Sky.)

2. Doctor Who: "School Reunion" (Written by Toby Whithouse. Directed by James Hawes. BBC Wales/BBC1.)

3. Doctor Who: "Army of Ghosts and Doomsday" (Written by Russell T. Davies. Directed by Graeme Harper. BBC Wales/BBC1.)

4. Doctor Who: "Girl in the Fireplace" (Written by Steven Moffat. Directed by Euros Lyn. BBC Wales/BBC1.)

5. Stargate SG-1: "200" (Written by Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, Martin Gero, and Alan McCullough. Directed by Martin Wood. Double Secret Productions/NBC Universal.)

Fingers crossed for "The Girl in the Fireplace" on my part. Yes, I enjoyed "School Reunion" but that was more for nostalgic reasons than for a coherent plotline. The final two-parter tried to do too many things all at once (did we really need Cybermen and Daleks there? And the ending normalised the often-confusing and always-entertaining world the Doctor usually lives in. Not a good ending at all, I reckoned).

I've never seen Stargate SG-1 and yous know my feelings for BSG.**

* I'm assuming you are interested.

** Though it perked up a bit in the final episodes of this season. It's just that it's oh-so-predictable and, often, rather full of itself.


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