not quite another brick in the wall

Here's a review by Joe Queenan, in the Guardian, about schoolchildren who face redemption and learn all sorts of things (ballroom-dancing, for one, as who doesn't need to learn that?) through the fortuitous arrival of an idealistic young educator.

In Queenan's words: "In the world of film, nothing is more terrifying to inner-city children than the unexpected arrival of the radiantly charismatic white schoolteacher. Already contending with poverty, rats, vicious gangs, crack dealers, overburdened social workers, emotionally blunted cops and inept parents who are only slightly older than themselves, inner city kids in contemporary films are increasingly confronted by messianic white teachers with fabulous cheekbones who have selflessly volunteered to sacrifice everything in order to improve the lives of their charges."

Go read the rest of it (especially the last paragraph). It's funny and there's really not much other amusement to be had on a Sunday morning.


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