dreaming of days in the sun

Surprisingly, I've reverted to childhood (young adulthood?) and started following the cricket world cup.

Listening to the commentators describe the settings (sunny, trumpets and music--it's being played in nine countries in the West Indies this time around), the people (especially the unusual ones that seem dotted around every cricket ground) and the different accents of the commentators who come from all parts of the Commonwealth makes me think this would be a great way of describing (post)colonial identity-formations but, why bother?*

Instead, turn on the radio or get thee to a pub and listen or watch. Rainy days, commentary on the radio (except it's online instead of short-wave transistors these days) and lazying about drinking hot (and cold) beverages. It's just such a relaxing pastime.

And, really, I miss home at times like this.

Go here for text commentary and here for audio featuring New Zealand**

ETA: I've been told to add that another reason for supporting New Zealand is that they have Daniel Vettori, who is probably one of a very small number of sportspeople (not just cricketers) to wear glasses while playing. A rather dangerous activity for a cricketer, since being hit by the (wooden) cricket balls is quite common. As a fellow spectacled person, this is another reason to support the Kiwis.

Also, in what other sport commentary are you likely to hear words like these: "[name] has just pulled his trousers down...and is readjusting himself after that [being hit on a sensitive part]...making sure everything is as it should be down there."

* Or, rather, leave that for the next BNC.

** The family's rooting for West Indies (no realistic chance of winning but a lot of hope--rather like Liverpool really) and New Zealand (5 team members are from LilSis' city though they probably have even less chance of actually winning).

I just know the New Zealand matches are broadcast since I'm at work today and listening to England vs New Zealand. I've not actually checked for other matches since yous can watch them live at various pubs (and some restaurants) around Washington. Usually, in the company of people from that country/region. That's one of the best bits about living in Washington, I reckon.

Take your computer (as I do) and sit around and work while watching cricket. It's almost like being elsewhere and, as I'm stuck here for the foreseeable future, it's the closest I'm going to get to being home.

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At 3/17/2007 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol...i miss home too! let me know if you find out any other places to hear the commentaries through - being here means that there aren't any such pubs, and there's no sunshine (rather, there is a blizzard going on outside).


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