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Two things:

1. Season Three of the Doctor's back on the Beeb. Yous can, of course, read all about it when I get around to watching the first episode (some time this week). I have been trying to avoid reading about it but might well give in by mid-week.

2. E gave a shout out to the Riches. I'm here to give another one to Robin Hood (BBC America, Saturdays) for those of yous who want fluff with their Saturday nights.

There're a lot of things wrong--casting for one, with Guy of Gisbourne being far more "traditionally heroic"* (cool accent and seemingly more capable of lifting those heavy bows and swords) than the bloke who plays Robin. In fact, if I had time, I would do a post on how the man himself has changed through time and what this says about a) the Beeb's viewpoint about its audience, b) who is the target audience for the show, c) the shift in how a "hero/leading man" should look like through the decades.** In this version, it's as though the Killers (or any other "indie" band) had suddenly decided to become outlaws. I expected Robin to start singing a song about lost loves and the long road home or something.

And they're all so clean. Shouldn't living in the woods without any sort of public conveniences have made them dirty and grotty (and smelly)?

If you're looking for historical accuracy, don't bother watching. If all you want is a fun hour on a Saturday night, then might as well turn it on since there is nothing else on at that time.

ETA: I've been reminded that there was a Walt Disney (cartoon) version of Robin Hood, with various animals as the characters. It has a rather good soundtrack.

* He was the hero in North and South, an excellent Beeb adaptation even though it changed the ending of the book on which it was based.

** A confession here: my siblings and I grew up watching the old series of Robin Hood, courtesy of our local British Council library. We also had the Disney version on VHS (these were pre-DVD days).


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