a brief comment on private security contractors

I'm shocked. That's all I have to say (write) really. Shocked. Who would have thought private security contractors would ever be involved in something like this?

After all, they are well known for being defenders of children and the oppressed worldwide. They help those-who-cannot-speak make their voices heard in places as far flung as Papua New Guinea. They protect the weak and innocent from death and destruction in places like Iraq. They don't have to go through all that bureaucratic hassle that regular troops do--they have the flexibility to do things their way.

Obviously, the Iraqi government has gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick in expelling them. Now, who will safeguard the many civilians who depended on Blackwater for their safety? Who will "open fire randomly at [Iraqi] citizens" to make sure they knew they should always be ready and alert (in case of deadly gunfire)? No one, that's who. Then, more Iraqis will die.

So, yes, Bring back the Blackwater boys!*

* Nope, not being sexist. This lot's usually made up of blokes.

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