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The usual emails just weren't that funny these past couple of weeks. But here's some IM conversation from earlier today that should fit right in. Again, unedited with the exception of changes to protect the kneecaps of bystanders.

Non-blogging guy: OMG OMG OMG OMG
I was going to tell you guys this over the phone, because it's just not easy to express via IM
you here?
I'll just wander off, stunned.
you guys have to call me when you get a chance
E: sorry--was on the phone. [E: more talk about the methodology issue. This is how the week has gone so far.] you can call the cell if you want. are you home?
hang in, I'll call.
on. i meant on.
[insert phone conversation not appropriate for posting. Let’s just say that someone we know did something interesting, even given our high standards for unique behavior. And I've now pissed off everyone who has an office on this floor by shouting "WTF!" in a surprisingly loud voice. At least, I was surprised. And judging by the slammed doors, so were other people. Any other time, it would be funny. Maybe it still is.]
NBG: I'm just stunned
E: stunned can't be the right word. what comes after stunned? dumsquizzled?
NBG: dumbfounded?
E: I may have just made that up. But it works.
NBG: awestruck?
E: bumfuzzled?
NBG: nice one
E: yep. and I'm pretty sure it's an actual word
NBG: I'm so bumfuzzled, I need cake
E: We have cake. but it's at home, and I'm not. story of my life.
do you know how to spell assimilation?
NBG: what kind of question is that?
E: a perfectly good one. I'm trying to write a blog post, and it's important that I spell it right.
NBG: that is correct
E: okay. thanks.
NBG: here's a cool thing... if you open a text edit document and type it in, it has auto spellcheck. as does IM [E: spellcheck says that spellcheck isn’t a word.]
E: yeah, but I like to do things different.
*again, there's no smiley for smirking*
[E: various smiley faces, including a raspberry, an angel, and a squinty face of some sort. not sure what that was]
E: that's not quite what I was going for. definitely not the angel. my computer would explode
NBG: what language do they speak there?
E: Idahoan? if a potato falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it still taste good with ketchup? [E: for the record, I don't eat ketchup. or catsup. whatever, it's gross. But what else can one eat with a potato? And now I've overanalyzed an already iffy joke right into the ground.]
NBG: absolutely!
E: but it might be covered in dirt. or cotton candy
NBG: hell, throw 'er in the deep fryer and you'll never know the difference
E: so deep frying gets rid of problems? can I deep fry the committee from hell? maybe not the whole thing--just the parts i don't like.
deep fried prof...mmm
NBG: mmmm
E: they'd probably taste like chicken
NBG: deep fried chicken. toss some cheese sticks in with them and all will be well
E: well done, at least
NBG: better yet, add some funnel cake
E: cheese on a stick
NBG: corndogs
E: they'd be methodology dogs
NBG: ew
E: I can hear you shaking your head from here
NBG: oy
E: I'm thinking that this whole conversation (with select bits from the phone) would make an excellent blog post. but not sure.
NBG: oh, I don't know. things on the internet have a strange way of finding themselves on the computers of people you don't intend. or desire
E: true. maybe leaving out the [edited] bit. I don't care if the prof who needs deep frying knows about it; she suspects something similar anyway, and she thinks I have no opinions which are not assigned to me by WeberMan anyway, so she'd blame him. and he'd think it was funny.
NBG: hahahaha [E: not sure if that was maniacal laughter, but if I had to guess I’d say it was]


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