Going Troppo

A term used in everyday talk in Northern Australia to describe potential feelings of aggression among people during the long, extremely hot and humid summers (usually November to March). Used also among seasonal mango pickers who work long hours in the heat and often have their skins peeling due to heat and mango sap. That’s where I picked it up during my time as a mango-picker (probably the longest summer on record in Australia. Really)

For now, a term that perfectly captures what I have been feeling for the past week: had two tests in the Danish language class last week (proficiency still v low but mainly because most Danes just speak English to me when I pathetically attempt to talk in Danish), an abstract for a paper due on Friday (turned out to be awful but I sent it off anyway), a presentation on methodology at Uni of OOD yesterday (where I confused everyone including myself by discussing my ontology and epistemology instead of discussing the "entire project"), the final test for the Danish class tomorrow (and I am still trying to sort out their sentence structures), tax return due on Friday (last minute as usual and I never get anything back) and generally foul weather at OOD (windy and cold).

I can feel the buildup coming on and will most likely be going troppo by the weekend. I told one of the professors yesterday that he was talking “complete rubbish” and that he didn't know what he was talking about so the signs are there already.

Am not sure what the Danes will think of it. I have yet to see an upset Dane (image of an upside down Dane that came to your head does not count)


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