No resolutions...

A belated Happy 2006 to all our many readers.

I have heaps of stuff for future posts, mainly on why musicals based on French novels are always fun (everyone, except a couple of wussy lovers, dies, proving that revolution isn't much worth writing or singing about. There's a lot of IR-related lessons right there), why there really isn't much to do over Xmas and New Year's when not at home unless you've got a sibling to torture (and, for once in nearly a decade of living away from home, I did), on the long-lasting effects of 1970s and 1980s bands (I spent New Year's weekend at a concert in Philly with a large number of teenagers, most of whom were wearing t-shirts proclaiming their deep and abiding affection for bands such as the Sex Pistols and the Ramones while also asserting that Punk (or Ska) was dead) and why ice hockey is the best new sport I've discovered in quite a while (yes, yes, very Colonial of me to "discover" something the natives were well aware of for ages but that's how it goes), but for now, a Happy 2006.


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