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But in case you don't, this week's link to nostalgia-lj and the screencap recap.

In which the caps lock key becomes stuck, and the preview for next week is noticed.


My only comment for this week is that Rose has the Greatest Shoes Ever. And DT shouts rather a lot, which creates uneasy parallels with the father that we're not supposed to like. So that's three comments, if you count the one I made when we rewatched it about how, even if he's abusive and domineering and close-minded and a bit of an ass and shouts a lot, he's still a father. And you can't just walk away from that. Rose is sometimes smarter than she ought to be, and I think this is one of those times.

[ETA: That skipping thing that's been happening in all the new episodes? It didn't start this series. The first one is in PotW, when the Doctor (my favorite Doctor, I mean) doesn't use the delta wave. There's a hitch that I called an editing error over at OG. But honestly, who leaves an editing error in a series finale?

And once is an error, but every episode this season? Sometimes a pattern really is a pattern, for whatever reason. And always at a moment of choice, from what I can remember of the last few episodes. I'll have to go back and take another look.

At the very least, it's something to think about, especially with the rumors of someone coming back at the end of the current series.]


At 5/29/2006 12:58 AM, Blogger Priya said...

Funny and yet remarkably disturbing in parts

At 5/29/2006 3:20 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure that's her intent. Did you notice that there's a bit of a pants theme this week?

At 5/30/2006 12:38 AM, Blogger Priya said...

On PTSD too, you mean :)

LilSis had the exact same reaction to the trousers in question in X3.

At 5/30/2006 12:39 AM, Blogger Priya said...

Ok, didn't mean to write exact and same next to each other. I hate that (and yet just did it).

At 5/30/2006 11:48 AM, Anonymous serena said...

everyone should have that question in their minds about those darn pants

At 5/30/2006 8:49 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, the pants. Why, why, why? Why must his pants be made of adamantium?

I notice that you managed to find the lj using the email, Serena. Figured at least one person would (and you all just thought I was being a little battier than usual. Method & madness, that's me.)

Okay, weird. My word verification is, I kid you not, dweeb. Blogger is casting aspersions on my coolness? Is that allowed?


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