i predict a riot

This was from yesterday but the writer claims it's not an April Fools' joke:

Announcing: Second Annual Movie-Plot Threat Contest

He writes--Your goal: invent a terrorist plot to hijack or blow up an airplane with a commonly carried item as a key component. The component should be so critical to the plot that the TSA will have no choice but to ban the item once the plot is uncovered. I want to see a plot horrific and ridiculous, but just plausible enough to take seriously.

Make the TSA ban wristwatches. Or laptop computers. Or polyester. Or zippers over three inches long. You get the idea.

Your entry will be judged on the common item that the TSA has no choice but to ban, as well as the cleverness of the plot. It has to be realistic; no science fiction, please. And the write-up is critical; last year the best entries were the most entertaining to read.

Full entry here.

So, dear PTSD readers, go and play. Enjoy yourselves and don't forget to let us know about your entries.

Hat tip Boing Boing


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