a pre-class dialogue, recreated

Yesterday, the class that is held before mine ran over its allotted time. For those of you not at TUWSNBN, let me explain. My class starts at 2.10pm. The previous class is (in my understanding) supposed to end at 1.50pm. It was 2.05 pm and the lecturer was still in the classroom. Now, I like to have a few minutes before my starting time to set up my lecture and just make sure I've got pen and paper(s) on hand. As a fairly new lecturer, I take comfort in setting things up, in the routine. This is difficult when 40 kids are walking out of the room right when I am supposed to be in there, starting my preparation.

I finally got into the room and the professor was still there--getting ready to talk to a few students who had questions for him. As he was talking, I started setting up my lecture, opening up my notebook case and doing things that showed that his time was over.

He finally looked at me and went: Oh, hello young lady. Can you give me a minute? (there still was a line of four or five students waiting)

Me (in totally put on posh accent): Of course old chap. But shouldn't you be on your way--you seem to be running rather late.

He left right after that. No, I don't feel proud of myself but since this was the third week his class has run late, I don't feel too bad.

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