A bit more of this and I'll start talking about "Universals"

Just got home after a long (and pointless) walk, turned to my internet radio site and searched for a few songs I wanted to hear. Was quite pleased to find the new Franz Ferdinand (okay, I bought their first CD before they became popular). Besides, any band which names itself after historical figures has to be on my playlist. They have a blog too where a recent entry talks about how the wife of one of the band members was thrown out of a club.

Turns out the new song was actually being sung in Spanish at some radio station in South America. The music was the same but the words weren't in English. I was rather happy to find it's not just in Thailand and Nepal this sort of thing goes on. Made me feel right at home.

I wonder though if this means Habermas has it right after all? All this "local knowledge" stuff (take that, Geertz!) is pretty much similar everywhere? (no, don't get your knickers in a twist. I will still argue in favour of Geertz, despite his tendency to write about six sentences when one would do quite well)


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