Pigeonholing elephants

Despite the title, this has nothing to do with the either pigeons (though I should mention pigeons have gotten a good show in Hollywood lately: first, there was Valiant, then there was the pigeon-fancying, Hitler-supporting playwright played with wonderful style by Will Ferrell in The Producers) or actual elephants that roam around in the wilds of Asia and Africa (and also get shot and left putrefying) but with a fake elephant and with pigeonholing as an activity.

Anomie went off to Random African Country just before the holidays and I asked her to get me a pendant (you know, an exotic pendant, hopefully made from some random bone) to bolster the economy of said RAC. She actually got me a pendant in the shape of an elephant (and, yes, it is made from some bone-type substance. I'm assuming that since it was bought in a tourist spot closely monitored by the police, it's fair trade bone, if there is such a thing, and not torn off some putrefying elephant). I was extremely happy with it, especially since I do come from the Land of the White Elephant after all (As an exercise, try singing that to tune of the "Land Down Under")

Did I mention the elephant is white? Well, it is: I can't think of anything else more suited to represent me than a white elephant (The Dictionary tells me a White Elephant is someone or something that requires a lot of effort to keep up and gives very little benefits. That could well be me. It is also my PhD-ing experience).

Today, on the train on my way to uni, I got stopped by a stranger (if you need to know details: she was probably in her 50s and carried a bag from a well-known local bookstore) who said she was surprised to see "someone of your background being Republican".

Eh, what?

In my enthusiasm for the white elephant, I'd forgotten that it's also the symbol for them. (I remain confused about the background statement though).

I told yous I was completely suitable to belong to the CIA: I understand Hindi/Urdu (yay for Syriana for pointing that out) and I'm even (un/sub-consciously) dressing the part now. If only the United States government read PTSD.


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