Random points of very little interest

1. When I signed up for the washingtondc feed from flickr, I did not expect to get hundreds of photos of cherry blossoms. Seriously, they're flowers. I don't care how expertly you frame the tidal basin, the shot has still been done a million times before.

Cherry blossoms and the WWII Memorial. And random portraits of tourists. I should have guessed that nobody else would label their photos with the name of the city.

2. How cool is it that I get to have conversations with people who write books for a living? Published books? On interesting topics?

Really, this is very exciting. Much better than celebrity sightings. Well, most celebrity sightings. I'd make an exception for people like Bradley Whitford and Roy Dupuis.

3. For someone who isn't religious, I own an awful lot of books about (or by) god. Or gods of various stripes. Should I classify them as fiction, or nonfiction?

4. Someone please tell me that this March Madness crap will be over soon. I miss the hockey games. Yes, it's nice that a local team is in the Final Four. No, I don't really want to buy a t-shirt.

5. The Bethesda Writer's Center is having another book sale at the end of April. I'm thinking I'll need more shelves before then. I can find a lot of stuff I want to read for $0.50/lb.

6. I just bought a great new outfit, and nobody got to see it outside of work because we're all a bunch of slackers who don't like to meet on nice days. Not that I'm complaining. It just seems like a waste of my efforts to iron my shirt into something resembling professional.

Did I mention that I'm allowed to wear heels again? Not real ones, no strappy sandals, and nothing higher than an inch, but still. After shopping for the alternative, I'll take what I can get.

7. Christopher Eccleston is very, very pretty. And he wears black. And has an accent.

The closest I ever got to a time machine was dating a dj.

No, I don't really understand that segue either. I'd better go watch television for a while. There's a new Numb3rs on at ten, and a Doctor Who episode that I haven't seen on television yet.

More random crap later, if I get bored with cataloguing our home library.


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