Life pretty much sucks

Yes, I'm off that BNC high and with a vengeance. RL (Real Life) has a nasty habit of intruding on my rose-tinted glasses view of the world and kicking me in the shins. Where's the Doctor when I need him, eh?

On that obscure note, I go off to contemplate the dregs of a bottle (or two) and leave yous with this. At least I'm not the only one with problems though I hardly think other animals having issues makes me feel any better. Check out the store for some fun shirts--not to rival Chaucer but fun nonetheless and I'd love to have the sheep one.

ETA: For some reason, I seem to have become the point of contact for young TUWSNBN students having questions about what they are doing. I actually enjoy this as it's a way to discuss issues that arise in the course of studying and I didn't have a forum for that when I was starting off. I've no idea why me though perhaps the whole "inner peace" thing is catching? I think it's just the feeling that if I could make it so far (all comprehensive exams done, almost ABD and with a stint overseas in between) then so can they. At least that's what I tell them. But, based on today's evidence, life pretty much sucks all around. For everyone (and that includes the animals).


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