Let's all have fun with the Aussies (or, a break from workshopping news)

It's just before the Australia-Japan match and also just before the first session of the second day here ("The History of Terrorism" in 1.5 hours). Skimming through the various web sites, I see the Guardian is enjoying itself. In its pre-match "things you don't know about Australians" it has:

"In London you are never further than 10 metres from a rat or an Australian (most of my undergrad and postgrad classmates are in London right now)

There are 8,628,599 Australians currently living in London, all of them working in pubs and sleeping on the floor of the same house in Earl's Court (umm..I shared a one-BR flat with about 6 other folks, not all Aussies, during my 2002 visit there. Last year, I stayed in a hostel)

The last recorded instance of an Australian bartender in London remembering an order consisting of more than two drinks and handing over the right change after serving it occurred on May 8, 1994 in the Walkabout pub in Shepherd’s Bush. There is a plaque on the wall in memory of this historical event (You just take what you get)"

Off to watch the match (online) and listen to the man describe the "History of Terrorism".

ETA: OMG! I definitely made a loud noise as the Aussies (rather improbably and in the last few minutes) equalised and then took the lead. Some of the audience nearby (and, today, I'm sitting right in front of one of the Directors of the Workshop) turned to see what I was doing. It's a good thing I'm on the quiet and anti-social setting.


At 6/13/2006 1:09 PM, Anonymous serena said...

i don't think making noise when aussies take the lead in football is quiet, Priya...LOL

did you learn anything else from this session....besides the stuff about aussies?


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