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So, I'm off for the week. Priya will keep you entertained, I'm sure. And if I get access to email, I'll probably send something in.

But before I go, a quick list of things that were surprising (and not so surprising) yesterday, in chronological but otherwise random order:

1. Car + downpour + wet oil + sudden grassy stop = late arrival at Conference.

2. This conference is much more formal than what I'm quickly (despite Priya's recent evil empire plans) beginning to think of as our home conference.

3. Weird conversation with guy who claimed to have a program that could model a constantly expanding system. I'm tempted to call the number on the card he left, just because I'm curious.

4. Cheese curds. Still the second best thing ever.

5. "Don't you think that Vagina has fallen behind the curve of queer politics" was not the most unexpected thing I heard in a panel. Not even in that panel.

6. The lighthearted joking of a group of people who study health policy research is quite terrifying.

7. TUWSNBN receptions can be fun. I'm not sure if jokes about transgendered GM cows being denied EU membership are necessary for the fun, but it's possible.

8. It's always raining in Philadelphia. And my umbrella is always in the car when I need it to walk to the car.

9. And the streets all run the wrong way.

10. And they hate street signs.


At 9/04/2006 9:52 PM, Anonymous serena said...

lol sounds like you all had a good time

At 9/10/2006 3:29 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

Well, we had a time. Parts of it were good. Parts of it really, really sucked. Fourteen hours driving in 36 hours, and 13.5 of them were in pouring rain. The other 30 minutes had 45mph winds.


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