Sites of the Month: (Sometimes we all need) a Stairway to the Stars

That is why this month's site is the Beeb's guide to Life on Mars* and a couple of fan sites and forums discussing the goodness that is Gene and the verbal (and physical) slangings among the "coppers". There's even a reference to the (more famous) time traveller in Episode Five.

Go and watch the original (British) version**, make a soundtrack CD of the songs used in the episodes and jump about. Go on, you'll love it***!

* How could I not like a show where one of the lead characters says something along the lines of "We can't change this world...but only learn how to survive in it"? Take that, Karl!

** Each U.S. episode has loads of fun stuff cut off--the originals, on the other hand, have heaps of fun Gene quotes.

*** I should probably mention that I've (practically) sold my soul to the, Devil to go watch '70s relics, The Who and Co., later on this month. PTSD readers will have to wait and read to see how that goes. My Dad warns against standing too close to the Who because of their tendency to destroy the musical equipment during concerts. Flying drumsticks are not my idea of fun.


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