Pestilence, bombing threats, terrorists, floods...and footy too!

It's well-known that the world is now going to hell in a handbasket (or should that be Hell with a capital H?): evidence of global warming increases (what will Greenland be without ice?), (potential) terrorists are running amok (the idea of a sunscreen bomb seems a bit far-fetched but, if that's what it takes to keep me safe when I fly, then I won't carry sunscreen on planes anymore) and there are floods and bombs all over the place. Today's sign at the local church?: "Apocalypse NOW!".

Amidst all this, however, some other news is getting a bit lost. So, bringing forth the newfound academic blogging aims of PTSD*, let me share this with you:

DC United 1 Real Madrid 1

Real with their proper World Cup-playing stars, including Italy's Cannavaro (who, yous may remember, was fairly impossible to get past in Italy's defence) and Brazil's Emerson and, of course, Beckham. Oh, and don't forget Raul, Roberto Carlos, Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Hurrah for the Local Team! Too bad that, due to the baseball team not getting its act together and still not having a stadium of its own, DC Utd fans couldn't actually go watch this at RFK. On the other hand, the nearly 70,000 seat Seattle stadium was apparently full. Maybe Americans have "discovered" football/soccer after all?

* Yup, that's our new aim.


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