It's useless to struggle*

It's a cold, miserable sort of day. Liverpool managed to quite convincingly lose against Manchester United, thus proving that waking up at 7.30am to watch them play is probably not the best idea for a Sunday morning. Any chance of doing well this season is lost in the mists of time now as a team, which looks great on paper, insists on playing like a bunch of drunken undergrads who have never played footy together.

So, what do I want to talk to yous, PTSD-readers, about? Grading. I've been grading the "scientific" research proposals that my kids have produced and most of those are rather well-crafted. A couple of them have even described Mill's methods (and how they would use it for their projects) and what the projects would look like. This I was very impressed with because they had the option of writing "Oh, we'll use statistics and choose X number of random cases" but a few of them have gone through the trouble of specifying which of Mill's methods they would use, describing variables and how to measure them and ending up with a chart. How nice.

It makes me realise I whinge about this lot a lot but, hey, they are fairly clever when they choose to be.

Now, I've got to go shore up the ramparts for tomorrow. I've sent them out to be ethnographers over the weekend and it's time to sit down and talk about their experiences.

* In case yous are thinking I've forgotten my "reference Mr. Gaiman in every post in October" plan, the title is from the Gothic Archies' 1997 album and Mr. G referenced the Gothic Archies in his talk. So there you have it.


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