White Man in Hammersmith Palais*

Random stuff on a rainy Thursday evo:

1. Put 3 mates and (a bit later) a formerly-scary person together around one round table and talk turns not to knights but to walking the Freedom Trail. And following Red Arrows. And despair over kids these days not reading Douglas Adams.

I believe baby-sitting of non-existent babies was also mentioned. As were 5-foot-tall pink drink providers with bad geographical sense.

2. New expertise: "How to quell a rebellion in 3 minutes". Both E and IntLaw are convinced the idea of dictatorial authoritarianism has not been applied to class yet. Despots do have more fun. I shall have to give depotism a try.

3. There's a German Gourmet shop to explore and American Hardcore to watch. But, I might go to ogle Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman instead.

4. I score 139 on a Type A/B test. Apparently they are not talking of blood but of personality. I'm not quite sure if 139 is good or bad because it doesn't tell me. It does say (helpfully) that "low scores are type B" but does not mention which part of 35-380 is low or what being a Type B means (probably not a good thing. A's are usually better than B's. That's how the world works).

5. There is actual snorting involved (from E and IntLaw) when I mention the (future) possibility of my kids clambering up ramparts (tables/chairs) and singing "Do you hear the students singing?"** as I try quell them. I believe firehose and batons were also mentioned.

6. There were many fond memories of American football matches exchanged though there was some confusion about the years some of the events immortalised in memories allegedly occurred. No confusion from my fellow PTSD-er, of course. Unlike some other folk, PTSD-ers don't confuse dates of when Very Important Things happened to their football teams.

* We were not actually in "Hammersmith Palais" though there was a two-legged pig hanging on the wall in front of us. Are there pigs in Hammersmith?

** And we know what happened then, don't we? Lots of shooting, rugrats dying, lovers uniting, the usual. But, the point being, as an example of student-led defiance, the storming of the ramparts was a miserable failure (as it should be).


At 10/20/2006 1:51 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

1. Do you think we scared the waiter? I'm jsut curious, because I couldn't tell.

2. You are decidedly lacking in dictatorial impulses. Baseball bats and firehoses are the way to go.

3. I want to do all three. Can we do that?

4. Type B people are laidback and accepting. They drive Type A people us the fucking wall. Guess which type I am.

5. You have no idea how close I was to spitting beer out my nose.

6. 1998. It was 1998, because it was the year my season ticket was in the South stands next to the waterski team. They wore whiskey flasks in their hats. It was November 7, 1998, and MSU won 28-24.

Why yes, I was a bit traumatized. What makes you ask?

At 10/20/2006 3:03 AM, Blogger peter said...

Indeed, it was 1998 of the infamous MSU game. I looked it up.

It was my senior year that, in typical Cooper fashion, we went undefeated until the Big Game and then lost and then lost the bowl game. The next year was the Rose Bowl, when they clinched the game before and then lost to Michigan anyway, just because Cooper could win the big game.
Freshman year was the infamous Tie, which Gordon Gee called one of the greatest victories in our school's history. But, we liked his bow tie, so we sort of let him off the hook for that one.

to the barricades!

At 10/20/2006 1:19 PM, Blogger Priya said...


1. Yes, we did scare the waiter. But, he had "ethics". I don't know if that means he was scared but couldn't run away or something else?

2. I shall bring my Nepali khukuri with me then. Or, maybe I'll just strap it to my calf and pull it out if/when needed.

3. We should try to do all three but I'm not sure how long I can hold out before I cave in to the Bale/Jackman flick. Even the idea of Scarlet Johansen can't turn me off. I think I may have to go today (does that confirm I don't have a social life? Well, I don't)

4. Heh.

5. I do recall you saying "shut up or I'll throw my beer at you" at one point but I believe that was earlier in the evo.

6. Note my PTSD-er on football (whatever kind) comment and read Peter's. He had to (gasp!) go "look it up". Ahh, the horror.

Peter: really, read no. 6. And, no, we are not going to the barricades. We are making sure they don't manage to clamber past said barricades.

At 10/20/2006 2:33 PM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

1. Waiter ethics? So he won't spit in the food?

2. Still think you need a fire hose.

3. Well, I'm sure I'll work out something to manage all of them. Today, I'm being very, very good and working all day. Right up until DW starts at nine.

4. Yeah, you type Bs would find that funny.

5. It was actually "shut up or I'll pour my beer on you." But you're write, that was for an entirely different reason.

6. Sure, I know about that game--but Peter's got the better breadth of knowledge. And the expertise to go find the information he needs. Both good things, when it comes to football trivia.


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